Almavale St, Carindale

Not double trouble, but triple trouble!
Three architectural home designs

Project brief

We were engaged by BIB Group, a building company that has an eye for detail, after chatting to Richard and Josh we soon discovered they were amazing builders but not so confident with landscape design. With this development they wanted to have a high end finish... on a budget.. It was great working with them, we arranged a great design to suit each home, whilst making it unique and not a run of the mill design. Mixed with their skill the end results are just fantastic. This is sure to get them well above asking price.


  • We created three unique styles for each home. I really was happy when Josh gave us the green light on a advanced planting budget.
    It really showed they saw value
    in the first impression plants
    can give.

Key Details

  • Quality materials within the pool area, not a boring timber fence.
  • Large feature pots within
    the courtyard.
  • Advanced planting.

Structural Features

  • Bespoke entry wall with
    integrated letterbox.
  • Offset entry stairs.


There are legal guidelines we need to stick to around building near houses with structures.
The planning process tackles all the restrictions when it comes to these tight spaces. We work with certifiers to ensure early on a design can be achieved before finding out it may not be legal.


Concrete can be over the top for spaces not really used. We used decorative gravel and stepper pavers to wrap all the connections around the home. Just make sure to use weedmat and don’t install under leafy trees as this can be a bit of an weed magnet as they
drop and mulch down.


Some turf simply wont make it without the right amount of sunlight. Empire Zoysia for us is a great all round lawn we design with. Otherwise, if you want to splurge. Sir Grange is the next level!

"Not just 1 home but 3!"

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