Holland Park

Space for the whole family

Project brief

This young family recently purchased this house, there was no backyard or usable space under their house, just a slope of grass and some rotting attempted herb bed. The main focus was to create some entertaining areas, a kid friendly pool, herb garden and an large chill space.

Structural Features

  • We installed new engineered beams under the house and removed around eight posts
    that closed the whole area off. This transformed the usable
    area and built a large deck for a large family.
  • Swimming pool, this pool was challenging due to the access restrictions, we end up building concrete boundary walls with
    new fencing on top. This way we didn’t require such large excavation into rock. This saved the client $$$ and made it possible to invest into completing the front in the same project.


  • We needed to screen the neighbours, we chose a great variety of Lillypilly Resilience its hardy, less messy and pest resistant.
  • As space was limited so was our garden beds, we opted for large leafy tall planting to give the illusion of scale.

Key Details

  • Open outdoor living by rethinking the structural elements of
    the house.
  • Quality local hardwood to stand the harsh weather.
  • Even in a tight and restricted site, ability to have a lawn space, home vege garden and pool.

Family fun

We try to make pools functional with a large bench for little ones learning to swim, yet a deep area for those bomb divers! A space has to be functional or its under used, we squeezed in an area for some sun lounges... just!


It is basically a non negotiable for us, if you have an existing timber fence, it will need to be painted...sorry. This completely changes the look of the backyard. Some favourites are colourbond Woodland Grey or Basalt.


Everything outdoors will need some form of maintenance, eventually. We find using local sourced timbers and hardy timber can cope better than imported timber. Ironbark is one of our favourites, its naturally termite resistant and class 1 in durability. This means long lasting.
Keep up the oil and you will have a long
term investment.

"Entertaining areas and chill space"

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