A formal finish for a formal home

Project brief

I remember meeting Rob for the first time, he showed me his Jungle and was really sick of the creepy crawlies. He wanted a pool, visually beautiful, super functional for his family all year round. It had to be warm in winter, be able to clean itself to save him time and maintenance. We had to really do some prep work on this one to get the jungle under control first, just so we could see what was going on. There was a mature avocado tree hidden behind some vines we decided to leave and work around. After a good clean up we could get some proper levels and see what was going on. Then the design challenge begun!


  • A combination of succulents and formal planting was used to complete the look of this garden. The highlighting avocado tree created a established focal point within the garden.
  • Potted plants of fruits and herbs where a client addition to ensure it was all perfect.

Structural Features

  • Private, self cleaning pool with built in raised garden bed with spill LED water feature, rebated bench seating with blower jets for a good leg massage.
  • Custom steel trellis to house the jasmine vine.
  • Reading nook with raised hardwood decking in rear corner, over looking the garden.

Key Details

  • French pattern natural travertine tiles, filled and honed then sealed.
  • Very high detail on concrete placement to reduce cuts in
    tiles to retain full pattern throughout project.
  • Seamless fully flameless glass
    to have uninterrupted views
    in garden.


Entertaining at night is so enjoyable on those balmy summer days. We always advise garden lighting to ensure you can enjoy the garden longer. Well placed lighting transforms areas and sets an ambiance when relaxing outdoors.
There is hidden strip lighting throughout this garden. See if you can spot them!

Pool colour

Just as important as the pool is the colour, mess up the colours and it can impact the whole look. We went with a light aqua shade through the day and a deeper blue at night. This pool is personal favourite of mine.

Adding value

Some clients have concerns with over capitalizing on their landscaping. Our response is simply a great design can be the best investment in the long run. People will pay more for a problem free backyard rather than something that has issues. A good design will create a great balance of design and budget to ensure the best outcome.

"Visually beautiful, super functional all year round"

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