French provisional inspiration

Project brief

Jeff and Maria where avid jet setters and loved to travel the world. The brief was simple. Ricky, we found this letterbox in France and we want a yard to match. Literately it was just the house and dirt when we arrived. This was such a great design, we took the inspiration from the house and brought some details into the garden. We created a mini scale French provisional landscape. The details speak for themselves.

Key Details

  • Imported white/grey round feature gravel from a
    Melbourne quarry.
  • Detailed entry with French imported fixings and hardware.
  • Complete automation from lighting, intercom, irrigation, fountain this was all controlled
    by a phone.


  • We went all out of the planting, the use of Lavender, Bougainvillea, Capital Pear Trees and Gardenias. It simply look stunning.

Structural Features

  • Totally custom entry block and wrought iron look infills.
  • Hand build pizza oven.
  • Water fountain.

First impression

You know the old saying, “We think this first impression just keeps lasting, the trees keep growing and everything just keeps thriving”


Growing a vine over an arbour is such a beautiful way to soften hard structures. The colour contrast is just as stunning. The key is to get the soil, water and sunlight right


There are many design techniques we use, one being the golden mean ratio. I encourage you to Google it. When applying this into a garden wow the effect is natural and beautiful balance and flow. The theory is easy to understand, the application a bit more tricky!

"Ricky, here’s a letterbox, now bring
a slice of France to our yard"

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