Secret garden

Project brief

When walking into this space, it was just harsh and not friendly. The clients wanted multiple zones for entertaining and year round areas to sit, read, have a fire and just chill out. We took the space back to a blank canvas and started from scratch. This included a new spa, built in BBQ, deck and outdoor living space.


  • A use of mass planted Heliconia Hot Rio Nights was used to create the lush green oasis feel.
    This existing frangapani was
    kept and highlighted as a main feature near the BBQ. In general this is a fairly low maintenance planting option not requiring constant attention.

Structural Features

  • Custom spa with built in water fall, sunken to connect eye level with people sitting on the deck.
  • Custom Built in BBQ with cabinetry and wrap around bar.
  • Vertical railway bollards created in a circle effect to create interest

Key Details

  • Custom Spa unit with built in ice boxes either side to hold your drinks, the ultimate night out.
  • Custom designed and built
    BBQ and bar.
  • Quality ironbark low line decking over an existing partial slab to have a internal floor height.
  • High quality materials , being a small area you can splurge on the best and it won’t break the bank.

Vertical bollards

Using a vertical bollard to define the garden, simply creates interest and definition. It is a subtle effect but looks stunning.

Total luxury

Watching TV, while relaxing in the hot tub. This was what our clients were looking for. We made this spa area multi purposed housing ice buckets, a spill blade water feature, hidden access panels to the motor. For something simple there is a fair amount going on!

Reading area

Finding a little nook area in the garden to nestle into a good book was required. We added this space right near the water feature for total serenity.

"A fire pit area, reading area, spa, BBQ, deck... All in this tiny backyard!"

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