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Project brief

The clients were great to deal with, after listening to their concerns we embarked on a funky design. They loved timber and their privacy! As they were chatting to me, I thought of the Chapel Hill Project and we took a drive over to Sues and showed them hers. They fell in love. Yes! With a few changes obviously. We had a big rendered wall and a Plumeria that had to stay and lots of drainage issues to fix. A lot of the work was in the foundations just as much as above the ground on this project.


  • The clients had a requirement of wanting natural screening Gracillis Bamboo (even though it was known to have maintenance) This was to create a fast and tall privacy solution as the planting complemented the theme. We also introduced some large Magnolia Trees as the client just always wanted Magnolias in her pool area. The planting is a little different than what we would choose. However this was their forever home and they knew what they wanted.

Structural Features

  • Large decking screen to block out the neighbours and shield some of the sun.
  • Raised planters to assist in fixing the drainage and house the soil required to get the planting required.
  • Ironbark decking pool storage box with gas struts (for weight).

Key Details

  • Ironbark decking that seamlessly wrapped into the pool.
  • Remote activated deck lighting and garden lights.


We completed the back, however the front looked a bit sad. The clients asked us to simply refresh the front at the end. We added in some matching plants, installed some screening to connect the backyard into the front and voilà complete!

Advanced tree's

The trick with big trees is they need big beds to grow in. Although this looks tiny in the picture,
you can’t see what is under the deck, there is a oversized planter bed with proper drainage, you need to get everything right when undergoing this process as one missed step and there goes
a lot of $$

Plants near the pool

It is important to know what and where you are planting. This way you can plan for the long term. This existing Obtusa was really in the wrong spot but the client was happy to keep it even though the leaves dropped into the pool. It wasn’t a big deal. The established look was worth it for them.

"Ricky, I just want privacy"

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