Refurb or replace?

Project brief

Paul was a man of great detail, together we discussed the feasibility of removing his existing pool and replacing it or simply refurbishing it.
After a few concepts we saw the potential in using the existing pool as a base and recreating a new look by adding in some features.
Although we had to skimp on the plant sizes to complete the structural design. The clients still received a complete solution.


  • Although we had to get creative with the budget, we chose common tropical plants that were hardy and cost effective. It looks stunning only 12 months later now they matured.
  • Some of the species included Alocasia, Heliconia, Randia Fitzalanii - native Gardenia and

Structural Features

  • Re-configured pool with new features. Replaced old spa sections with a new water feature spillway and updated spa section.
  • Granite tile surrounds and extended patio space.
  • Removed old rotting decking and palms to make way for a new fire pit space and deeper garden and dense planting.

Key Details

  • Connection from the outdoor patio area into the pool.
  • Well positioned water-feature to appreciate from multiple angels within house and yard.
  • Fire pit space for those
    winter nights!


The timber from the original deck was just rotten and actually very dangerous as the client had stuck their foot through many times which simply had to go! Plus the added palms were a maintenance nightmare!

Seeing the tree in the forest

When the creative streak is flowing a creative mind sees opportunity where others may not.
We saw on this project a refurbished pool
with a new lease of life will save the client $
and look stunning!

Fire pit

We all know you can count the winter days on your hand in Brisbane. This is why it is great to have non permanent fire pit area this way it can be multi functional throughout the rest of the
year and your not left staring at a fire bowl all summer long.

"A complete design solution"

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